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Be found, get traffic, and convert your visitors

What’s the Deal?

Amplified Marketing is a search engine marketing company from Cleveland, Ohio that drives targeted traffic to your website and helps you convert that traffic into real customers, clients, purchases, etc.

Why Do I Need SEO?

To Be Where Your Market Is
Search engine optimization puts your website in front of more people who are looking for your business. With many businesses, location is important. Would you open up a new pizza shop in the middle of nowhere? No. It makes more sense to be on a busy street. No people equals no business. The same goes for your website. You want to be where the right people are searching. In this case, that’s the first page of the search results.

To Get Above Your Competition
By not being proactive in your search engine marketing, you are not only missing out on a good amount of business but you are also giving that business away to your competitors. Try typing in a few keywords that people would use to fine your service. Most likely, you will see other companies already ranking for those keywords. Don’t let your competitors overshadow you!

To Build Long-term Value to Your Business
Search engine optimization builds long-term value to your website and your business. With traditional marketing methods such as magazine advertisements, your advertisement disappears once you stop paying. With SEO, you are building upon what you have already achieved and your website continues to become more valuable and more powerful in the search engines. This is also important if you ever plan on selling your business. A website that ranks well in the search engines is far more attractive.

The Free Stuff

Business Review

Reviewing your business is the first step. We get and idea of who your target customer is by reviewing your website. If there is not enough information, we will contact you to get a better idea of how your business works and whom you are trying to attract.

Keyword Research

We give all our potential clients free keyword research. Just fill out the form on the right and we will email you a report on what search keywords are best for your company to optimize. We do this by analyzing the amount of searches per month each keyword receives and compare it to the amount of competition the keyword has. This is provided to you free of charge.

First Month Free

We are offering you the first month of your SEO services completely free. No contracts or any kind of investment required. This includes on site optimization and off site optimization. You will notice your websites ranking for targeted keywords increase within the first month. No other search engine marketing company offers this! This offer will only be available for a few more months so claim it now.

The Rest

On site optimization

After further discussion, we will agree on an SEO strategy that fits your business and optimize your website for it. This includes the changing the meta tags for your site along with some of the text among your pages.

Off site optimization

This is the heart of the SEO process. Here, we will build links to your site and do the work necessary to get your site on the first page of Google for your targeted search term.


PPC stands for price per click and has to do with paying for sponsored ads that show up before the organic search results do. This is good for targeting other keywords that you may be missing out on. We offer PPC management services as well. For more information on this, view our PPC page.

We Don’t Just Drive Traffic

What good is a website if it doesn’t convert your visitors? This is what sets us apart from other any other SEO marketing company. We recommend changes to your site that will help your visitors fill out that contact form or make a purchase from you. Our #1 goal is make your business more profitable. You could think of us as more of a business advisor than simply an SEO company.


So you are now ranking and have traffic coming to your site. Would you like to know what city most of your traffic is coming from? How about the amount of time they spend on each page of your site? We will install analytics software into your site and show you how access it and what to make out of it.


What if we can’t get your site ranked? That’s okay. We offer a full guarantee that your site will get in the first page of Google or 100% of your money back. What have you got to lose? Fill out the form on the right and let’s get started!